-Dark, Nerdy, Sadistic- 
Dovah will draw you in with their unique aesthetic and mischievous blue eyes that will devour your soul. If you are a good little whelp, do what you are told and bend the knee -- They might gaze your way and acknowledge your existence. 


Your desires deserve to be explored, encouraged, and satisfied -- if you behave. Do you desire to serve and submit? Come and enjoy the treasures waiting for you through pain, pleasure, and submission.



Bend the knee and
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My Specialty

Chastity Keyholding Services

Whether you're new to chastity or experienced, having a keyholder provides a unique experience.

I will virtually hold your key and take control of a certain erogenous area. You choose the device that works best for you and I will utilize plastic numbered key locks, Chaster application or you can send a key to my PO box. Cell Mate is also an option. I will frequently check in via text, tease you and deny you with no mercy.


Each dynamic/ contract is formed with ample communication & negotiation to make the experience customized for you. A dynamic can be formed with daily or weekly tasks, a punishment & reward system, daily communication via text & more. As a nerd, I also offer a way of determining your sentence via rolling a d20 - if you want to leave it up to chance! My punishments are numbered and determined by the rolling of the dice. However, each dynamic is different and everything is negotiated and agreed upon in advance. I am 100% virtual. I do not offer in-person or live sessions. You must have your own chastity cage and you must keep one key for safety reasons. 

Are you ready leave your key in my claws? Get a device from‍. Submit the below application and be detailed about what you are looking for. Applications with no details, only a couple of words will be ignored.

**Price range from $30-50 per week**

Accountability Monstress

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your daily tasks? Unmotivated to get things done in a timely manner? Do you often lose focus on your goals? What if you had someone to check in with you daily and help encourage you to get things done? That's not good enough. What if you had a Monstress that in addition to the above, indulges in your kinks to help you meet your goals, etc? This service is available on a weekly basis, whether you need just one week or months, I am here for you! 

Each dynamic/contract is formed with ample communication and negotiation to make the experience customized for you. A dynamic can be formed with daily or weekly tasks, a punishment & reward system based on your kinks, daily communication via text & more. I will utilize the Obedience app to customize a system for you. Please fill out an application below for consideration and be detailed about what you are looking for.  

**Price is $60 per week**


Ethical Financial Domination

Are you wanting to be a human ATM/ paypig for a Monstress? Please fill out the application below for consideration. If accepted, we will have an interview to discuss your wants and needs. You will be required to create a budget that works for you and does not interfere with your ability to pay bills, feed yourself, etc. Your budget should be realistic. I seek someone who wants to spoil me, but it should never hurt you financially. 



**Must be over 21 for consideration**

**No price haggling, all prices are firm**

**No refunds**

**I do not offer in person or live sessions**

**HARD LIMITS: Sexual acts and full nudity for myself, spit, bathroom games, vomit, permanent marking, in-person sessions, use of racist or homophobic slurs, and any thing non-consensual. I also will not accept applications from those who are married/partnered and are trying to hide it from them. Communication and honesty is important! I'll only accept partnered/married individuals that are open and honest with their partners. **

**All content is copyright to me and may not be reproduced, edited, or shared on any public/private platform.***




Business Inquiries/Fan Art:


PO Box 55

Forest Park, GA 30298


Please complete for consideration. Inability to follow instructions, be detailed or anyone being rude or overtly sexual will be denied. Any application advising they have no limits will be denied. Any applications received with only a few words per question will be ignored. If you address me as anything other than Dovah in your application (using honorifics) you will be denied. Be respectful and don't use honorifics unless I have given you permission to do so. BE DETAILED! Please be advised, I get a lot of applications and can only handle 2-4 clients at a time. There may be a wait list. 

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